Extra fundraising available for Schools.

Receive 5% of Debenhams Gift Card sales for your School.

This year Kids’ Card Factory have once again teamed up with DEBENHAMS, the UK’s leading department store, to offer a truly innovative way to increase your fundraising.

Participating Schools will not only receive £1 for every pack of unique cards sold, but can also enjoy a share of a huge £100,000 donation!

How does it work?

With every card order DEBENHAMS will include four free gift cards, personalised with the child’s card design providing a unique keepsake that can be sent to grandparents, family and friends.

How does your School benefit?

Every time one of the unique personalised gift cards is activated online before 24th December 2016 your School will receive a donation equal to 5% of the value. It’s that simple. With all the work managed by DEBENHAMS it’s a great hassle-free way to boost your fundraising.


  • Your School receives 5% of all gift cards activated online before 24th December 2015.
  • DEBENHAMS will calculate all payments due and forward a cheque directly to the School.
  • No additional work required by the School.
  • These personalised gift cards make an ideal gift for family and friends.
  • The gift cards can be redeemed in-store or online.
  • Hassle free fundraising.