Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will it cost the school?
A. There are no hidden costs involved, the school makes £1 profit on every pack sold.
Q. What if all the school do not wish to take part?
A. There is no minimum order or obligation to buy.
Q. Can the Kids’ Card Factory produce more than Christmas cards?
A. Most definitely, the card design is individual and can be used in many ways,
for example :- thank you, birthday or left blank for your own message.
Q. Does the lettering need to be reversed?
A. What appears on the artwork will be reproduced on the final product.
Q. Will the original artwork be returned?
A. The artwork is returned with the completed card order.
Q. How green is the process?
A. All card used is from carefully managed forests. The paper is manufactured by mills that that practice sustainable forest management and satisfy at least one of the international Forest Certification Standards.
Q. It is a great project, how do we take part?
A. To participate register online now