How it Works

Once registered to participate you will receive our starter pack with step by step instructions along with samples and posters from Kids Card Factory & Debenhams to promote the project.

To create that masterpiece……

  • Use white or coloured A4 paper or card (297mm x 210mm). Produce Artwork using various techniques, in either landscape or portrait layout. Please ensure additional materials used are secure.
  • The completed Artwork is sent home with an accompanying letter (example will be supplied) explaining the project, along with an order form. Alternatively some Schools prefer to display the Art work on site.
  • To place an order, cellotape the completed order form provided to the back of the artwork. Both the Artwork and a cheque (made payable to the School) are returned to the co-ordinator for processing.
  • The co-ordinator completes each class envelope recording the child’s name and quantities ordered, placing the Artwork inside. When all the class envelopes have been received and completed, the final totals are recorded on the School order form. The class envelopes containing the Artwork and School order form together with a cheque (less the fundraising) should be placed into the courier bag ready for collection.
  • The Artwork is then converted into Christmas cards by the Kids’ Card Factory. The cards will be returned by the agreed date, in individually named sealed packs, for easy distribution.

The Do's and Dont's


Always use A4 size paper, white or coloured. Bright, bold, vibrant, colours work best.

Paints, felt tips and collages can be very effective. Computer clip art can be used.

If pastels are used please ensure they are secured.

Hand and fingerprints work well for younger artists.


Please do not use glitter or metallic colours as this can damage the machinery.

Don't draw too close to the edge of your paper as this can result in parts of your drawing being cut off when the card is printed.

Do not use Staples.


6mm is lost around the edge of the image once reproduced.

Take care of Artwork - all that you see will be reproduced on the final product.